Google’s Chrome Browser For Mac Graduates From Beta



Google has graduated its spiffy Chrome browser for Mac from beta to stable release. It’s a major milestone for the browser, and an indication Google is taking the Mac platform seriously. For a while, it looked that Chrome for Mac was an afterthought.

Mike Smith, Product Manager, Google Chrome Team:

Today, I’m happy to announce that Google Chrome for Mac is being promoted out of beta to our stable channel. We believe that it provides not only the stability, performance and polish that every Mac user expects, but also a seamless native Mac application experience that Mac users will feel instantly at home with.

I’m a big fan of Chrome, even though it’s a memory hog with multiple tabs open. It’s fast and there’s a big and growing gallery of more than 4,500 extensions.

The new stable release comes with a bunch of new features:

  • It’s fastest version of Chrome to date.
  • Synchronize browser preferences across multiple computers — themes, homepage and startup settings, web content settings, etc.
  • Extensions can be individually configured to work in incognito mode (porn mode) through the extensions manager.
  • There’s a bunch of HTML5 features, including file drag-and-drop. Try it out by dragging and dropping attachments in Gmail. The bookmark manager also gets a HTML5 facelift.

Current users of the beta will be auto updated, or you can downlaod the latest version from