Foxconn goes all out to recruit more iPhone 7 assemblers


The iPhone 7 could be a bigger hit than anticipated.
Photo: Apple

Demand for the iPhone 7 is expected to be higher than many people expected, and Apple suppliers are taking on more employees to accommodate.

According to a new report, Foxconn is so desperate to employ new people to work on its production line that’s it been offering bonuses of more than $200 to any employees who can recommend other workers qualified for the job.

Foxconn is also handing out bonuses to employees after they complete three months of work, as well as to ex-employees who return to work.

Yesterday, it was reported that Apple has upped its orders for the iPhone 7 by an impressive 10 percent — suggesting that it’s now more confident than previously that its next-gen iPhone will be a hit.

Apple’s new smartphones will debut tomorrow, shortly after rival Samsung announced that its Note 7 devices are being recalled worldwide due to a major fault.

This isn’t the first time Apple or its suppliers have been forced to go on large scale recruitment drives to deal with demand. Back in early 2015, manufacturer Quanta Computer announced plans to recruit a whopping 30,000 new employees to cope with the orders it had received for building MacBooks and the Apple Watch.

Apple itself has also historically proven willing to slash its own profit margins to get handsets flying out of the door by offering Foxconn more money to build them.

We guess we know which country to head to if you’re in need of work this fall!