Steve Jobs’ leather jacket and black turtleneck go up for auction


Steve Jobs and IBM
This jacket can now be yours.
Photo: Andy Hertzfield

Want to own a bunch of Steve Jobs’ old crap from the ’80s and ’90s?

Some of the Apple co-founder’s personal items have just hit the auction block, giving some Jobs-obsessed nerd the first opportunity ever to drape his or her naked body in the same bathrobe as the dude that invented the iPhone.

Over 30 items are up for grabs including Steve’s famous leather jacket that he donned while giving IBM the bird, as well as a pair of those sexy Levi’s jeans he loved.

Here are a few of the highlights:


Steve Jobs' jeans

A pair of Levi’s-brand blue jeans fitted with buttons inside the waistline to accommodate suspenders, together with a white Versace button-up shirt and a Neiman Marcus silk bow tie owned by Steve Jobs.

Estimated price: $1,200

CD player

sony cd player
Before there were iPods, even Steve Jobs had a Sony Discman. This model D-50 compact disc player was used as the primary sound system in the kitchen area where Jobs spent most of his time in the house.

Estimated price: $400

Black turtleneck

next black turtle neck

Steve Jobs’ wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without this Vantage-brand turtleneck. The shirt is printed across the front with the NeXT company logo and across the back with “1980s: Personal Computing/1990s: Interpersonal Computing.”

Estimated price: $3,000

Robe and razors

steve jobs' bathrobe

This Christian Dior brown terrycloth bathrobe came with a pair of Eltron electric razors owned by Steve Jobs.

Estimated price: $600

Old ass jacket

steve jobs' jacket

A Wilkes Bashford brown leather bomber-style jacket worn by Steve Jobs. A photograph of Jobs wearing this jacket while flipping the bird to an IBM sign has since become iconic.

Estimated price: $12,000