Nearly all BMWs now offer CarPlay option


Magna International Inc. is making cars for BMW.
BMW is finally embracing CarPlay.
Photo: BMW

CarPlay hasn’t taken off quite as quickly as Apple hoped for, but if you’re in the market for a brand-new BMW, you can finally get Apple’s car infotainment system on pretty much any new model.

But it’ll cost you.

The $300 upgrade for CarPlay is just pennies in the bank for most BMW drivers, but considering most models start above $40,000 — and they merely need a software update to run CarPlay because they have a touchscreen display and other components needed — it seems a bit tacky from a premier automaker.

BMW first teased the addition of CarPlay at the end of 2015, after holding out on the tech since it was introduced back in 2014. Apple’s CarPlay software gives drivers a hands-free way to interact with their iPhones, providing quick access to Maps, Music, Messages, Email, Podcasts and more.

CarPlay is set to receive a couple major improvements as part of the release of iOS 10 next month. New features include the ability to rearrange app icons, improved Apple Music and Maps and a more intelligent Siri.

You don’t have to drop 100 grand on a new Bimmer to get CarPlay though. Apple has a full list of vehicles that currently support CarPlay, many of which are a lot cheaper than anything BMW makes.