You can finally zoom in on Instagram pics and videos


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Instagram just got zoom.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Admiring the details of your friend’s amazing vacation pics on Instagram is going to require a whole lot less squinting, thanks to a new update that finally brings zooming to the popular social network.

The Instagram zoom feature is only available on iOS (sorry, not sorry Android fans). It allows users to pinch to zoom in on any Instagram picture or video in their feed, explore tab or on profile pages.

It’s a small but major update to the photo-sharing network that’s been more busy copying Snapchat than adding its own unique features.

The only problem with the new Instagram zooming feature is that photos are still uploaded with a max width of 1,000 pixels, making images look very noisy and pixelated when you zoom in. The addition of high-res images would be a nice compliment to the feature.

Today’s Instagram 9.2 update also adds the ability to capture better pictures in the dark. The Instagram update adds a low-light button automatically when the app detects you are in a dark place.

The free update is available now on iOS. No word yet on when Android users will finally get to experience to glory of zoom.