MONDAY GIVEAWAYS: iPad and iPhone Apps That Will Blow Your Mind



It’s that time again for us to show our philantropy to our loyal readers and give back in the form of some sweet applications. Today, we’ve got some great iPad and iPhone apps to give out. This week, we’ll be doing something a little different when it comes to giving out the app codes. We know that you all have questions as experience Mac users and as newbie Mac users. We know this, because our writers and editors get emails every day with your questions, but unfortunately, we can’t always get back to you with answers. We want to organize a better way for you to get your questions answered by our own Mac geniuses and other readers, so here’s how the giveaway is going to work.

  1. Become a fan of our Facebook page.
  2. Click on the “Discussion Tab” and then click on “Start A New Topic”. Here’s a quick link for those of you that are already fans. Discussion Tab
  3. Post a question or discussion topic about Mac Hardware, Mac software, iPhone/iPad apps, or anything else Mac related that has been a burning question deep within your soul.
  4. Our Mac genius will come into the discussion throughout the week and will answer some of these questions, and some of the best topics will be featured in upcoming posts
  5. Extra brownie points for those Facebook users that comment on other topics other than their own.
  6. We’ll randomly select Facebook users and give you one of the following codes listed below. We’ve got about 50 app codes to give away (10 of each app), so get talking!

**Must be 18 years old to enter the giveaway, and these codes are only good in the United States iTunes app. No purchase is necessary.**

Special thanks to Brian and Appular for helping provide the app codes to giveaway. Got a new iPhone app that you just developed? The iPhone/iPad app marketplace is HIGHLY competitive, and you need competent professionals to help you market it. Appular can help you get your app the exposure it needs. Contact them today if you’re a seasoned or aspiring Mac app developer.

The Goods

Kodix (for iPhone and iPad) is a fun and challenging brain teaser that hails from the code-breaking board game, Mastermind. You get to unveil your inner codebreaker and use your most cunning powers of deduction to reveal a hidden code!


Cost: $0.99 for iPhone version, $2.99 for iPad version

Hangman RSS for iPad combines news headlines and word games! In true hangman fashion, you fill in missing letters before your stick figure avatar succumbs to the noose. What’s cool is that it generates puzzles by pulling from the latest news.


Cost: $0.99

Hand of Greed is an intense and unique adventure game that puts your reflexes and timing to the test in a magical, blade strewn gauntlet. Avoiding everything from swinging guillotines to spiraling sawblades, you rack up wealth by grabbing ancient coins, valuable gems, and more!


Cost: $0.99

iAnnotate is both an elegant PDF reader and a powerful annotation tool that finally lets you work with your PDFs. You can open documents from email, sign and send out contracts, enter notes for edits, sketch diagrams, copy text, and add highlights or underline with the drag of a finger! One of the most popular iPad productivity apps!


Cost: $9.99