Manage projects of any size with Project Planning Pro for Mac

Manage projects of any size with Project Planning Pro for Mac


Project Planning Pro
Project Planning Pro is a great tool for keeping your projects on track.
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Keeping any project on track is like cooking a meal, requiring close attention to all the ingredients as well as the sequence and timing of critical tasks. In the kitchen you use a cookbook; in the digital workplace, you face a dizzying array of platforms and software for keeping all the goals, team members, deadlines and contingencies in order.

Project Planning Pro streamlines all that, and right now Cult of Mac is offering a special 30 percent discount on the Mac version of the easy-to-use software.

How Project Planning Pro works

Project Planning Pro is cross-platform software that offers an all-in-one solution for keeping a project of any size humming — even ones you’ve started using other programs or platforms. (For instance, you can import Microsoft Project plans using Dropbox, BOX, email or iTunes, then export them as XML files back to the original program.)

Since Project Planning Pro runs on Mac, iOS, Android and Windows devices, it’s perfect for helping project managers stay mobile and on top of things, whether they are sitting in meetings or traveling.

Project Planning Pro lays out a simple process for creating tasks and managing resources to keep everything on track, with tools for visualizing and keeping tabs on all the moving parts. You can easily manage a project’s tasks, calendar, budget and all the resources you have to throw at it.

All resources available to a project can be designated and assigned to various tasks. Budgets can be attached to those resources, too. Project Planning Pro makes it easy to build a unified system for finishing any project on time and on budget.

Various visualization tools also make projects easier to wrap your head around. Calendar view does what it sounds like. Gantt view uses a specialized bar chart to indicate the direction and elements of a project, while Critical Path view helps you prioritize mission-critical tasks.

Project Planning Pro is a great solution for those who have switched from Windows to Mac and have old projects from Microsoft Project (or those who simply miss Microsoft’s widely used project-management software). Project Planning Pro easily reads and carries on MS Project files with all the same access and visualization tools, along with files from Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive and more. The app is also available in 10 languages, namely English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch and Korean.

Try Project Planning Pro now and get a discount

If you’re managing a project of any complexity and want to be sure that all its elements are accounted for and accessible from anywhere, Project Planning Pro is a great choice. And right now is a great time to try it: You can get the Mac version for 30 percent off the usual price of $29.99 when you enter the code CULT30 at checkout.