How Apple Car will make you money

How the Apple Car will make you money, and more fun about robot vehicles [Kahney’s Korner]


Kahney's Korner podcast with robocar expert Paul Godsmark
Autonomous cars are going to change the world like nothing we've seen before. A fascinating interview with robocar expert Paul Godsmark.
Photo: Paul Godsmark/Stephen Smith

The old adage is that new cars depreciate the minute you buy them. However, the rumored Apple car might be the first vehicle to actually make you money after you drive it off the lot.

If Apple’s car is autonomous, it’ll earn its keep delivering people or goods when you’re not using it. So says Paul Godsmark, a robocar consultant and one of the leading experts on the upcoming autonomous vehicle revolution.

In this fascinating interview, Godsmark talks about the enormous changes that are coming up fast with self-driving vehicles, including Project Titan, the rumored Apple Car.

Buckle up! Everything is about to change dramatically — from the way we travel to the way we work.

Paul Godsmark is the cofounder and CTO of CAVCOE, the Canadian Automated Vehicles Center of Excellence.

Godsmark is a former road designer who consults with businesses about the enormous impact autonomous vehicles will have. It’ll be as disruptive as the internet, Godsmark says, and likely more so.

In five to ten years, the roads will be filled with self-driving autonomous cars. The switch will be extremely rapid — consumers will buy robot cars faster than they can be made — and the impact will be huge. New businesses will be born and thrive, but a lot of companies will go bust and die.

In this episode of Kahney’s Korner, Godsmark talks about how autonomous robot cars may be the first vehicles in history that will make you money, rather than losing it.

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