Run Windows or Linux apps straight from your Mac dock [Week’s Best Deals]


Secure your phone or GPS on the road, but please don't use it to play Pokemon Go.
Secure your phone or GPS on the road, but please don't use it to play Pokemon Go.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Another week, another grip of great new deals on gadgets and gear. This round, we’ve got a dead simple solution for running your favorite Windows and Linux apps right out of your OS X dock, a top notch phone mount for driving, steel-sheathed Lightning cables, and comprehensive data recovery for your iOS devices. Everything here is super useful and super discounted, take a look:

Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount – 73% off

This sturdy, flexible car mount attaches easily to your dashboard or windshield, with a gooseneck that rotates 360 degrees. It’s an ideal way to keep your smartphone or GPS device in view and within reach while keeping your hands free. The clamp has a solid grip with shock- and slip-resistant rubber padding, and an ABS+PVC+Silicone body for durability.

Buy now: Get this universal car mount for $12.99, a massive 73 percent off the normal price.

Run Windows or Linux apps effortlessly on your Mac, opening them straight from the dock.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

CrossOver 15 for Mac and Linux – 49% off

Getting your old Windows apps to run on your Mac can feel like it requires a computer science degree, but CrossOver makes it easy. Launch Windows or Linux apps straight from your Mac’s dock, now Windows license, virtual machine, or even rebooting required. Whether for games, productivity software, utility programs, you name it, installing is a one-click affair, and all apps run at native speed without any performance limitations.

Buy now: Get CrossOver 15 for $19.99, a full 49 percent off the usual cost.

Titan Travel
These steel-sheathed, MFi-certified cables are built to travel and to last.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Titan Travel MFi-Certified Lightning Cables – 24% off

Titan Travel charging cables are tough, flexible, and designed to never tangle, and easily to clips onto your backpack, keychain, belt loops, etc for easy travel. Sheathed in two layers of flexible, high-strength steel, they’re protected from nicks and fray, with MFi certification to ensure your cable will perform throughout its extra long life.

Buy now: Get these Titan charging cables for $22.49, a discount of 24 percent.

Fone Rescue
Effortlessly recover lost data — photos, texts, call logs, etc — from your iOS device.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Fone Rescue – 71% off

Whether through accidental swipe or an iOS update gone wrong, it’s all too easy to lose photos, messages, call logs, or other key data from our phones. Thankfully it’s also easy to get it back — with Fone Rescue, you can scan your iOS devices to find deleted data like photos or text messages and restore them instantly. With a streamlined interface, you can effortlessly recover up to 15 data types, including in iTunes and iCloud.

Buy now: Get Fone Rescue for $19.99, a whopping 71 percent off the usual price.