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MacBook Air might not be scrapped after all


Adding an OLED touchpad could make the MacBook Pro even more magical.
The MacBook Pro might not be the only laptop Apple updates this year.
Photo: Martin Hajek

The death of the MacBook Air has seemed pretty much inevitable ever since the introduction of Apple’s super-thin retina MacBook last year, but it appears that Apple may have at least one more update in the pipeline.

Apple is supposedly planning to release a new MacBook Air with USB-C, according to the latest rumor out of Asia, though no timeframe has been given on the launch date.

“Currently, Apple has decided to adopt the USB Type-C interface for its MacBook Air while Asustek Computer and Hewlett-Packard (HP) are upgrading one of their notebooks’ regular USB port to the Type-C,” claims DigiTimes, citing industry sources. The site is wrong as often as it is right when it comes to Apple rumors, so don’t get your wallet ready quite yet.

There could be some truth to the rumor though. Earlier reports this year claimed Apple was planning to update the MacBook Air. The due date was allegedly set for the end of June but Apple still hasn’t announced even a minor spec bump.

Along with the rumored MacBook Air update, Apple is supposedly working on a new MacBook Pro with an OLED touchpad at the top that replaces the function keys. If the new MacBooks don’t come before the announcement of the iPhone 7, the company may hold them for an event in October.