Busker’s Delight: iPad Steel Drum


"I don't wanna work..." Via Instructables.com

Ayman Shamma’s iPad steel drum just might revolutionize music on street corners and subway stops.

Shamma made a pair of drum sticks out of conductive material, then wrote an iPad app that mimics the sound of a steel drum, without any heavy equipment to lug around.

You can whip up a pair of drumsticks in about half an hour following his tutorial and start annoying the neighbor’s immediately with Shamma’s preferred apps, Magic Piano or iDaft.


The result? His version of “Little Star” in the video above bears a pretty convincing sonorous resemblance to the Caribbean original.

You won’t be able to re-create that sound immediately though — his steel drum app, which won a contest at SF Music Hack Day – – is awaiting approval in iTunes.

Let’s all give thanks he didn’t devise a pan flute app.

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