Snapchat Memories finally let you save snaps for later

Snapchat Memories finally let you save snaps for later


Get ready to discover the new Snapchat.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Snapchat been about ephemeral moments since its inception, but starting today the app is about to get a lot better at keeping tabs on your past too.

With Snapchat’s new feature called Memories, the app now lets users save Snaps and Stories so you can use them in the app later.

To access the new Memories section, simply swipe up from the camera screen. Specific memories can then be found using search, or by scrolling through the different tiles.

Snapchat says you can use Memories to create new Stories from Snaps you’ve taken. This could be a huge new feature, allowing you to create Snapchat Stories when you don’t have a data connection and upload them later.

The app previously allowed users to save snaps to the iPhone’s camera roll, but there hasn’t been a way to save photos for later until now. By adding Memories, snappers can now combine different stories and snaps into a much longer story, bringing more engagement than ever.

Memories posted in your Story will appear with a frame around it so followers know it didn’t happen within the last 24 hours. Snaps can also be saved privately so only you can view them and replay them for friends on your device.

Because Memories is such a big change, Snapchat says it plans to roll it out selectively over the next month or so before a wider release later.