iOS 10 jailbreak team makes key breakthrough


Squint hard enough and you'll see the Cydia icon.
Photo: Mosecon

With every iOS update, Apple makes it harder for hackers to jailbreak its software — but it seems there’s still plenty of work to be done.

At the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) in Shanghai today, Chinese jailbreak team Pangu revealed it already has Cydia running under iOS 10.

We’re still waiting for an iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak (more on that later) but Pangu has already broken into the first iOS 10 beta less then three weeks before it was made available. After delivering a presentation at MOSEC on Friday morning, the team had “one more thing” to reveal.

That was Cydia, the jailbreak emporium that hosts thousands of unauthorized apps and tweaks you cannot get in the App Store. Cydia runs just fine on iOS 10, and even appears inside the Siri Suggestions widget after frequent use.

Cydia in action.
Cydia in action.
Photo: Mosecon

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that we’re going to get an iOS 10 jailbreak. The software vulnerability that made jailbreaking the first iOS beta possible will almost certainly be patched in future releases ahead of the update’s public debut.

Don’t get your hopes up just yet, then. The good news is, Pangu is close to releasing a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2, the team confirmed during its presentation. It did not offer a release date, but it did hint that it would be available very soon.

Via: Superphen’s Tech Blog