Siri drops fiery hints about Jon Snow's real dad

Siri drops fiery hints about a major Game of Thrones character’s real dad


Jon Snow's real father has finally been revealed.
Jon Snow's real father has finally been revealed.
Photo: HBO

It looks like Siri was one of the record 8.9 million people glued to Game of Thrones’ Season 6 finale last Sunday. Now that the season is over, fans are left with one question: Who is Jon Snow’s real father?

Siri knows the answer.

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers below.

Apple’s digital assistant has shown its love for Game of Thrones in the past, serving up a bevy of Westerosi jokes at WWDC and before the Season 6 premiere. So it’s totally in character for Siri to know the lowdown on the show’s latest twists and turns.

As usual, Siri remains cagey when asked, “Who is Jon Stark’s father?”

Ned Stark’s promise


He never loved killing, he loved singing


Jon Starkgaryen


Season 6 ended revealing that Jon Stark is actually Lyanna Stark’s son, instead of being the bastard son of her brother Ned Stark that he was portrayed to be. One of the biggest scenes of the final episode showed how Ned discovered his sister in the Tower of Joy after she had given birth to Jon.

It wasn’t explicitly stated who Jon’s father is; however, it was long been theorized by fans that Rhaegar Targaryen is Jon’s dad. HBO confirmed Jon Snow’s parentage this morning with an infographic showing how all the characters are related.