Easily edit any scanned documents with this power app [Deals]


Prizmo 3 makes editing scanned documents a snap.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you’ve ever had to edit a scanned document, you’ll know how time-consuming and painstaking this can be. And you’ll appreciate how easy the Prizmo 3 scanning app makes the process. Just download this app onto any image capturing device (a smartphone or camera, for instance), then quickly scan and edit any document to your heart’s content. You can currently get Prizmo 3 for just $29.99 through Cult of Mac Deals.

With the Prizmo 3 app, you’ll be able to easily fix simple typos, enhance pictures, and more without any extra work. On top of that, you’ll access a suite of features to take your productivity to the next level. Whether scanning several pages at once, editing and updating document text in 40 languages, or utilizing page curvature correction–this power app has your back. Your days of recreating an entire document from scratch? Those are long gone.

Buy Now: Pick up the Prizmo 3 Scanning App for $29.99, 59 percent less than what you’d normally pay.