Waterfield’s Smart Case Keeps Your iPad Snug As A Bug [Review]



The iPad Smart Case is the latest iPad case from Waterfield, a San Francisco-based Company. The Smart Case provides maximum protection of the iPad in the thinnest of cases. Available in six colors, the $59.00 sleeve is sleek and stylish.

What I love most about the Smart Case, besides the cool green color, is how inconspicous Waterfield makes this case. There is not a logo or label to be found. I don’t like to be  walking advert for companies, and the absence of a logo makes the sleeve more mysterious. Even the stitching is hidden. What is completely visable however, is the quality of this case.

Made from smooth nylon with leather trim on the sides, the Smart Case offers several layers of protection. There’s a rigid insert and an inner, scratch-free liner made from Ultrasuede. The liner cleans your iPad as you slide it in and out of the case. Although less than one inch thick, this case offers plenty of protection.

The case has an outer mesh pocket, which can hold the iPad’s power plug and cord or a bluetooth keyboard. The case is pretty snug, and it can be hard to remove the iPad from the case. Waterfield has cleverly put a small tab on the bottom to help you slide the iPad out.

A fine case indeed.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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Model: Smart Case
Company: Waterfield
List Price: $59.00