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Snapchat Discover page redesign adds previews and headlines


Get ready to discover the new Snapchat.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The Discover page on Snapchat has always felt like a disjointed experience from the rest of the app, but starting today Snapchat is rolling out a major update that changes the way you interact with Live Stories from publishers and your friends.

The new design makes previews in the Discover tab a more visual experience by giving publishers the ability to add an image and headline to promote stories. In an effort to get more people to start viewing publisher’s stories, the previews are now located on the Stories page.

Snapchat is hoping its Discover content from publishers and top content creators will become a major source of revenue. It’s unknown how successful its been so far because Snapchat hasn’t released any numbers, but new update is sure to give daily live stories from publishers a boost in viewership.

Welcome to the new discover page.
Welcome to the new discover page.
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

You can still access the main Discover Page by tapping the circle icon in the upper right of the Stories page. The Discover Page now looks more like a news feed. Instead of showing a list publishers’ icons, the page now features a grid of image previews for stories along with a headline enticing users to tap for more.

Publisher channels can now be subscribed to so you don’t miss any content from your favorites. Once you subscribe to a channel, any stories you missed will be placed below updates from your friends’ Stories. To subscribe/unsubscribe just tap and hold on a story and box will appear.

You can grab the new update from the App Store for free.