Apple hires satnav expert to improve Maps app


Apple's latest hire will make Maps better.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s often-ridiculed Maps app is getting some much-needed assistance, thanks to a recent new hire who helped invent the satellite navigation systems used by a bevy of automakers. 

Sinisa Durekovic, a software engineer who was the principle architect and engineer for Harman International Industries’ navigation systems, has reportedly joined Apple, and the company won’t say what he is working on.

Although Durekovic’s expertise could possibly be put to use building the self-driving features on the rumored Apple Car, Bloomberg reports that he’s likely working on the Apple Maps project that will include a 4,000-person team in India.

Apple debuted its mapping platform in 2012 and got off to a rocky start. The service has seen significant improvements in accuracy and richer features over the last few years, but lags behind Google Maps.

Durekovic has more than 20 years of experience working on various satellite navigation technologies that are used by the likes of BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagon and others. Before working at Harman, the German citizen spent some years at GPS company Navigon GmbH, which was acquired by Garmin.

Based on his LinkedIn profile, Apple appears to have hired Durekovic in October and relocated him from Munich to the San Francisco area. The company did not respond when asked what projects Durekovic will be contributing to.