Fancy a cup of Steve Jobs tea?


For some reason I have the feeling Steve or his estate didn't approve this!
Photo: Ben Stanfield/Flickr CC

You can pay to have a cup of coffee with Tim Cook, so doesn’t it make perfect sense that you can also buy tea bearing the likeness of his predecessor, legendary Apple co-founder Steve Jobs?

Not really, if we’re honest — but try telling that to makers of “Tea Rebels,” a brand of teabags discovered recently in a supermarket in Katowice, Poland.

Here’s to the milky ones…

The image was first posted to Twitter by Polish user Magda Swirepo, although there’s no more to the story just yet — with the makers of Tea Rebels (and, really, they couldn’t have made it apple tea?) not responding to requests for extra information.

As one would expect, given Jobs’ prominence, this is far from the only time we’ve seen unofficial pieces of Jobs-related merchandise. Whether you’re looking for a T-shirt sporting Jobs’ (semi)likeness as a sexy anime girl, or a stone-baked pizza bearing the visage of Apple’s turtleneck popularizer, you’re unlikely to be disappointed if you spend long enough looking online.

And almost all of them feature that same chin-stroking Walter Isaacson bio cover pic image. What does it take for a little originality these days?