5 of Apple’s best-paying jobs–and how you score one


Apple Position Image

With over $223 billion in revenue and 115,000 employees, Apple is unquestionably a tech giant. And given its financial success, competitive wages, and sheer brand power, it’s no wonder that it’s the dream workplace of many seeking to work in tech.

Interested in landing a job at this Cupertino-based company? Read on: we’ve crafted a list of some of Apple’s highest paid positions and their job requirements, as well as several resources designed to get your foot into the door.

Note: all salary figures are via Glassdoor.

Software Engineer: $121,930 average national salary

To be considered as a software engineer, you’ll need to prove mastery of coding languages like Swift, Objective C, and Java–and show you can use them on Mac and/or iOS devices. Apple also favors applicants experienced in shipping apps to the iTunes Store, with strong verbal and written skills serving as icing on the cake.

If you want to impress recruiters, The Build 20 Apps: iOS 9 & Xcode 7 Guide (now $19) will teach you how to create iOS apps using Swift and Objective C. You’ll build over 20 iOS apps throughout the course, getting hands-on experience that will help you outshine your competitors.

Project Manager: $106,579 average national salary

Regardless of what they’re working on, project managers need to show both breadth and depth of knowledge. For instance: if you want to work on Apple Maps, you must show you can understand software development at every step of the way–speaking the lingo of each team, coordinating their tasks, and resolving conflicts as they arise.

With the Project Management Institute PMP & CAPM Training Bundle (now $49), you can learn the breadth of skills Apple recruiters seek. With lessons in finance, risk mitigation, and QA, this training will give you a strong understanding of skills needed to be an effective project manager.

Account Executive: $84,002 average national salary

Account executives (AEs) at Apple play a crucial role in driving sales as they work with resellers to implement new product marketing strategies. Since much of their work involves selling Apple products to enterprise customers, AEs need to be able to woo clients while backing up their pitches with concrete marketing and finance strategies.

If you’re looking to land a job as an account executive, the MBA Business Skills Bundle has what you need to get started. With 7 courses covering key topics like finance and business writing, this bundle will teach you the skills needed to succeed as an account executive.

Marketing Manager: $144,171 average national salary

Marketing managers at Apple are confident leaders, and masters of communication. Whether they’re working on digital marketing for Apple Music or promoting the iPad, they must be able to draft marketing briefs, apply customer feedback, and use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to promote their projects.

One of the most useful weapons in a marketing manager’s arsenal? Social media. And the Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing Course & Certification will help you not just utilize it as a marketing tool, but also get certified. Throughout 12 modules on everything from market psychology to social media reach, you’ll maximize your chances of nabbing that marketing role.

Product Manager: $130,506 average national salary (via Glassdoor)

Apple’s product managers play an intimate role in overseeing the creation, development, and launch of Apple’s products. Product managers need to demonstrate a confident understanding of marketing techniques, operations practices, and communication methods, so they can coordinate their product’s lifecycle from start to finish.

If you’re interested in becoming a project manager, the Complete Product Management Bundle has over 60 hours of training in the skills Apple looks for when hiring a product manager. With courses in product market strategy and tips and techniques on how to nail the interview process, this course bundle is an excellent start to becoming a successful PM.