iPhone 7 screen protector confirms no major design changes


Spot the difference with today's iPhone 6s.
Spot the difference with today's iPhone 6s.
Photo: Pocket-lint

The iPhone 7 may be boasting a few more internal modifications than we had thought, but think again if you’re expecting Apple to offer a full-on redesign of the design and form factor it has been using since 2014’s iPhone 6.

That’s according to a new photo posted online, reportedly showing a very familiar glass screen protector planned for the next-gen handset, looking very much like the one employed by the iPhone 6 and 6s.

The image was posted by Pocket-lint, which claims it was taken during the recent “Computers Unlimited Exposed” event in London. It was made by Cygnett, and looks “almost identical” to the one used by the current iPhone, albeit with two sensor holes above the device’s front microphone instead of one.

This September’s iPhone refresh is being viewed as one of the most important for Apple for years, since it comes during an unprecedented time of declining iPhone sales. Despite this, however, it appears that Cupertino is saving its really big iPhone update for 2017’s iPhone 7s.

Not that that has apparently stopped it from ordering big numbers of this year’s upgrade.