Win it Wednesday: 5 Herschel bags to send your old luggage packing [Deals]


These five bags by Herschel will put your old luggage to shame, and now's your chance to get them for free.
These five bags by Herschel will put your old luggage to shame, and now's your chance to get them for free.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Herschel is just about the top name in travel gear today, making bags and luggage that are as tough as they are good-looking. Let’s be honest — they put your suitcases and backpacks to shame. Premium bags like these go for a premium price, that is unless you enter this massive giveaway. This Herschel travel bundle includes five items that would normally cost a pretty penny, from suitcases to duffels and backpacks and more, but if you can enter today for a chance to get the whole shebang for free.

What’s included? The Anchor Sleeve, a premium protective sheath for your 15” MacBook Pro. The Little America Backpack, a handsome bag designed to fit your laptop and all your other on-the-go goodies. The Novel Duffel is a tough, capacious bag that can be comfortably thrown over the shoulder. Trade Luggage, a durable carry-on that meets the onboarding standards of most major airlines. And finally, the Chapter Travel Kit, the ideal way to keep all your hygiene products in one tidy place. That’s a lot of bags, all for no money.

Enter now:Enter to win these 5 gorgeous bags from Herschel and send your substandard luggage on its own journey to the second hand store.

Bonus deals

Spring 2016 Mac Bundle – Pay what you want

Name your price for a massive bundle of productivity-enhancing apps. From photo editing to capturing streaming video and breaking up tasks, there’s something here that everybody can use, at a price anybody can afford.

Buy now: Name your price for 2016 Spring Mac Bundle, 13 apps worth close to $1,000.

DrinkMate Breathalyzer – 20% off

Have a fun night with your friends without having an awful morning in a jail cell. This pocket sized breathalyzer plugs right into your phone, measuring BAC within +/- 0.01% accuracy, meaning you can make sure you’re within the legal limits before hopping into the car after leaving the bar.

Buy now: Get the DrinkMate Breathalyzer for $31.99, a sizable 20 percent off what you’d normally pay.

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