Speck’s clever folding headset brings VR to iPhone


Speck Pocket-VR
Pocket-VR makes taking your headset anywhere easier than ever!
Photo: Speck

It’s not easy to find a good VR headset for iPhone that’s easy to carry around. Google Cardboard will probably get crushed in your bag, and more robust models made out of plastic are just too bulky. But Speck has an awesome solution.

It’s called Pocket-VR, and it’s an iPhone-compatible virtual reality headset that folds up so small, you can easily fit it into your pants.

Speck first showcased Pocket-VR at CES back in January, and we were starting to think it may have been forgotten about. But now you can pick one up for yourself, and if you’re into virtual reality, there are a number of reasons why you should.

Not only is Pocket-VR made out of plastic, which means it’s not going to break when you sit on it, but it also folds away. So even if you don’t carry a backpack or purse, you can easily take it anywhere by simply slipping it into your pocket.

Pocket-VR’s lenses are properly integrated into the case (unlike Cardboard’s) so they won’t fall out when you move it around, and they’re protected by the headset’s side panels when you fold it away, so you don’t need to worry about them scratching.

Pocket-VR is compatible with all Google Cardboard apps found in the App Store, and other VR content, too. What’s more, it ships with a Speck CandyShell Grip case (worth $35), which keeps your iPhone protected even when it’s not inside the headset.

The only real downside to Pocket-VR is the lack of great VR content on iPhone. There are some nice Cardboard-compatible apps and games — like Google’s own Cardboard app and YouTube, which now lets you watching anything in VR — but there’s a lot of trash, too.

But if you’re happy with what’s available, you can order your Pocket-VR today from the Speck online store for $69.95.