Watch today’s Google I/O keynote right here!


Will Google I/O give Apple anything to worry about?
Photo: Google

Google is kicking off its I/O developer conference at 10 a.m. PT today, and it’s going to give us a great look at some of the things Apple will be competing with over the next 12 months.

If you’re interested in keeping up, you can watch the whole thing live right here.

Google I/O is an Android fan’s WWDC. It’s where we’ll see previews of Google’s upcoming Android N update, improvements coming to Chrome OS, and any major changes that will be made to Google’s apps and services. We’re also expecting new stuff, like Android VR.

But you don’t need to be an Android fan to tune in. If you’re a die-hard iPhone user, it’s a great opportunity to see what Google has up its sleeve, and what Apple will have to contend with in the coming months.

It’s also an opportunity to see some things that might eventually make their way into iOS and other platforms — after all, Apple and Google have both been known to “borrow” features from one another over the years.

Also, if you’ve got Google Cardboard or another VR headset for your iPhone, you can watch the whole keynote in 360 degrees. Just tap the options button after loading the video on your device, then tap the Cardboard button.

If you don’t want to watch in VR, then here’s the standard stream, which looks a lot better.

If you’re busy and you can’t tune in, don’t worry; we’ll be covering all the big news right here on Cult of Mac.