Mother’s Day on Facebook Messenger is all about fake flowers

Mother’s Day on Messenger is all about digital flowers


This is even weirder than that basketball game from March.
Screencap: Evan Killham/Cult of Mac

We know that emoticons and Emojis are for expressing yourself when words fail you, but what does it mean when you put flowers around your text bubble? According to Facebook Messenger, that just means it’s Mother’s Day.

The chat app has rolled out a weird feature in advance of Sunday’s mother-loving holiday to let you festoon your messages with happy little flowers.

Here’s how you get in on the festivities.

While this feature doesn’t appear on the web version of the social media platform, and you can’t even see it in action if you’re checking your conversations there, Facebook Messenger has a little button you can press to deck out your words:

Facebook Messenger flower button
That’s the “Make It Spring” button, right there.
Photo: Facebook

It shows up just to the right of the text-entry box when you’re in portrait, but flip your phone into landscape mode, and it will jump over to the left. Flowers are tricky like that. They pop up all over the place.

The really good news is that once you tap the icon, text shows up telling you that you’re about to decorate your next message with flowers, and we appreciate that it takes some of the risk out of this. And once you hit “Send,” the feature turns back off again. So your risk of saying something like, “I really think we should break up” or “My dog just pooped on your bed” and making it overly festive is pretty low.

But if you think flowers might help with those devastating knowledge drops, hey, go for it.

This isn’t quite as fun as that hidden basketball game Messenger added for March Madness. But it’s still pretty darn cute, and it might draw a smile or two.

And your friends will need that when they’re burning their sheets because of your rude puppy.