London iPod Flash Mob Attracts 4,000 Silent Dancers




Pix by Chris John Beckett

About 4,000 dancers reveled to the sounds of their own iPods at an impromptu flash mob at London’s Victoria train station on Friday, according to the Evening Standard.

A deafening 10-second countdown startled station staff and commuters before the concourse erupted in whoops and cheers. MP3 players and iPods emerged and the crowd danced wildly to their soundtracks in silence – for two hours.

University of London student Lucy Dent, 20, was among the flash mobbers. She said: “It was my first flash mob and I’m hooked. I’ve been dancing non-stop since we began.

“I didn’t even notice the commuters. When you get into the dancing you’re oblivious to them and forget you’re at a railway station.”

Says Flickr user vandanger: “It lasted almost two hours before the police intervened. It was great.”

4 responses to “London iPod Flash Mob Attracts 4,000 Silent Dancers”

  1. Jenni Thurmer says:

    Wow! Imagine a wireless Woodstock. No massive equipment, no complaints from the neighbours – bring it on!!!

  2. alan parsons says:

    Such a f***ing freaks!