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Apple reveals you’re saying its product names wrong


Don't call them 'iPhones'
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s VP of Marketing Phil Schiller has revealed that pretty much everyone pronounces Apple’s product names completely wrong — and they don’t even know it.

Saying the plural form of “iPhone” seems like a fairly straightforward deal. It’s “iPhones,” right?

Not so, says Schiller, who unleashed a tweetstorm lecture on the official way to tell your friends that you own lots of Apple smartphones.

Schiller said on Twitter that you never need to pluralize Apple product names. Sorry, you can’t just toss an “es” on the end of “Macintosh” to say you have three at your house.

“It would be proper to say ‘I have 3 Macintosh,'” said Schiller. “Or, ‘I have 3 Macintosh computers.'”

Saying “I have two iPhone phones” sounds pretty ridiculous. However, you can also say “iPhone devices” or “iPhone smartphones.”

(If you talk to linguists in Finland, though, we’re all spelling “iPhone” wrong, too.)

Schiller explained that some words can be both plural and singular, like “deer” and “clothes.” You wouldn’t say “I saw 10 deers.” Likewise, if you say, “I’ve owned 10 different iPads,” you’re talking like someone who buys Samsung.

Via: Business Insider