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Jet Lag Fighter iPhone App: No More Trip Hangovers



A new iPhone app promises to help combat that up-all-night, zombie-by-day havoc jet lag brings.

Jet Lag Fighter, $1.99 on iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch, gives you a bunch of tools to shorten your next woozy flight hangover. (We have promo codes to give away, check our Twitter account for details).

The app offers two main strategies to attack jet lag: either sleep adjustment (getting you on schedule for the new time zone before you leave) or light therapy (telling you optimal times get out in the sunshine to lessen the lag time).

During the flight, the also app calculates ideal nap times and lengths; if there’s no light available when you need it or you skip a sleep session, the app adjusts your recovery schedule accordingly.

Jet Lag Fighter isn’t the first app to claim it can ease air traveler’s malaise, but it looks like most sophisticated of the currently available crop.

Developers Mental Workout paired with Virgin Air — for the second time, the first offering is Fear of Flying — and the advice of  Dr. Chris Idzikowski, director at the Edinburgh Sleep Centre.

Mental Workout CEO Mickey Beyer-Clausen, who hails from Copenhagen and is now based in New York but has also lived in Singapore, has been beta testing the app on recent trips across the pond and back.

“I’ve had jet lag problems my whole life, but when I was younger, staying productive wasn’t such a problem,” Beyer-Clausen, now 35, told Cult of Mac. “Using the app cut down the recovery time from about five days to two, definitely more manageable.”