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Don't even ask what this iPad looked like before.
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Best List: Whoosh Screen Shine Duo+

I don’t try to get my screens all fingerprinted and gross — they just get that way all on their own. It’s inevitable, really; we touch most of the screens we use throughout the day, and our hands are way dirtier than we think. I own more microfiber cloths than I do Lightning cables, but apparently my hands are grubbier than a normal human’s, so I need some more help. And apparently, that extra step is Whoosh Screen Shine.

It’s a screen-cleaning system that adds a bit of spray into the mix and claims it can repel fingerprints. I tried out the Duo+ version, which includes both desk- and travel-sized bottles, and it’s made my endless smudge hunt much more bearable.

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Whoosh Screen Shine (the company puts an exclamation point after “Whoosh,” but I just don’t get that excited) consists of a spray and an orange cleaning/polishing cloth with different textures on each side. You spray the cloth, and then you wipe your screens down.

It’s quick and easy, and it makes every device I’ve used it on look amazing. It’s even kept some shine on my Apple Watch, and I’m always poking at that thing. It’s the same with my iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Kindle, and the front of my touchscreen-enabled printer. And it’s stayed that way for a while.

That’s not to say everything stays perfect forever. You’ll still end up wiping your screen down daily because you just can’t fight the future. But Whoosh definitely decreased my screen upkeep, and that’s surely a time and mind saver. The company leverages it as a way to stay hygienic and free of germs, but the cosmetic effect is enough even if you aren’t worried about how much poop is around you pretty much all the time.

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