Apple says ‘you’re fired’ to a number of its recruitment staff


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Apple employees marching in San Francisco's Gay Pride parade.
Photo: Tim Cook/Twitter

Apple may have recently hired former Box employee Karen Appleton to focus on the company’s enterprise business, and former Tesla VP Chris Porritt as a product design administrator for its Apple Car project, but it seems that it is slowing down on its wider recruitment drive.

According to a new report, Apple has cut all of its contract recruiters over the past several weeks, and is also starting to get rid of some of its full-time recruitment staff. In total, the move could affect upwards of 100 people.

“You always need to have something new coming out to justify hiring,” one source said about the slowing recruitment. The news comes shortly before Tuesday’s earnings call, during which Apple is likely to report a decline in sales and profits, as well as slowing iPhone production.

Apple has also tweaked the incentive structure for its recruiters — who previously made 40 percent of a new employee’s base salary. Under the new rules, they will make just 10-15 percent, while the bonus could disappear completely in the future.

Don’t worry, though: Apple’s slowing recruitment policies doesn’t mean the company is going to be working with a bare bones staff. Apple’s forthcoming “spaceship” campus alone is set to house 13,000 Apple employees — or the equivalent of 35 fully-filled Boeing 747s. Even with the multitude of business areas Apple operates in, that’s a sizable number of people.

And the recent hirings shows that Apple’s doors are certainly not closed if the perfect job candidate comes along!

Source: VentureBeat