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Microsoft’s one-handed iOS keyboard is here


Word Flow iPhone
Word Flow for iPhone is no more.
Photo: Microsoft

Typing with one hand on the gigantic iPhone 6s Plus just got a whole lot easier thanks to one of Apple’s biggest rivals.

Microsoft revealed today that its new one-handed keyboard app “Word Flow” for iOS is finally ready for primetime after a week in public beta, and it does a lot more than just one-handed typing.

The new keyboard app uses pretty much the same interface as the Microsoft Hub keyboard released earlier this month, only instead of focusing on productivity, Word Flow is all about making typing a snap.

Along with the one-handed keyboard mode for both right and left handed users, Word Flow also lets you swipe around the keyboard to type letters. The keyboard intelligently suggests the next word in your sentence and can correct your mistakes. It also comes with a fair bit of customization, allowing users to change the background image with ones provided in the app or with your own photo.

You can grab Word Flow on the App Store now, but to take full advantage of all the features you’ll have to give it access to your keyboard in the Settings app.