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Rumor: MobileMe To Drop Subscription Fee



MobileMe may be the one Apple product I’ve never been tempted enough to at least consider pulling the trigger on. Although it’s got a number of useful features — cloud storage, email, photo galleries, syncing of contacts across all devices, and the super useful “Find My iPhone” feature — a lot of the functionality is achievable through free, third-party applications. Given that, MobileMe’s $99 annual fee has always seemed a bit steep.

According to a MacDailyNews rumor, though, MobileMe might be posed to become a lot more tempting. According to their source, MobileMe will become free of charge “sooner rather than later” depending on “certain facilities going operational…” a clear reference to Apple’s new North Carolina server farm.

That’s great news if true, although frankly, Apple doesn’t need to entirely drop the fee to get me to finally bite the bullet: even if they only cut it by $50, they’d have my credit card number in a flash.