Does rose gold MacBook bleed red when you cut it in half?


This is not your typical tear down.
This is not your typical teardown.
Photo: What's Inside

The rose gold MacBook may be the most beautifully boring new Apple product released in 2016, but once you crack it open, the super-slim MacBook gets a lot more interesting.

Rather than going with the typical teardown procedure, the YouTubers at What’s Inside decide to take a grinder to the rose gold MacBook’s Retina display. Unbelievably, the sleek MacBook still worked after they cut halfway through the screen.

Check out what’s behind the glass in this unconventional MacBook teardown video.

  • Null Static Void

    the rose gold macbook is everything that is wrong with Apple.
    The bare aluminum and space gray are neutral colors. The gold and rose gold are at the least unrefined, and at worst gaudy.
    I put them in the same class as the Nikon D3300 in red.

    Tacky consumer junk.

    I know I am in the minority, as I work in design and web development, so I value the clean and uncluttered aspects of Apple products most (but I know where the warts are!).

  • Macattack

    I hope you went back and picked up the bag you littered on the ground, after seeing the creator of this films disregard for nature and his own environment I stopped watching altogether, if you did not pick it up you are the worst kind of person. So I hope that you did.

  • TJ

    Videos like this are pointless, I don’t see the point in destroying a perfectly good product like that. There’s so many of them these days, let’s cover my iPhone in dog poo and beat it to death with an oak tree to see if it survives. Complete and utter waste of time.

  • Useless, stupid technoporn. Don’t watch it unless you want to help to earn money to these stupid people. Help C. Darwin to keep safe his natural selection theory!