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Pay what you want for this spring 2016 Mac apps bundle [Deals]


PWYW Spring Mac Bundle
Name your own price for these 13 super-helpful Mac apps.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Seize the productive spring energy with this bundle of 13 super-productive Mac apps. From photo editing to 3-D modeling, website building and beyond, there’s something in here for anybody looking to make the most out of the fairer months.

The best part, though, is that you can pay what you want for the whole thing, with a portion of each dollar going to support the important work of Save the Children.

Take a look at what’s included:

Use Owlet to turn your 3D models into photorealistic images, using a state-of-the-art rendering engine to convert images, a materials library, tutorials, and manuals. No prior 3D knowledge required.

Flux 6
Quickly and easily create the website of your dreams with the WYSIWYG editor, build stunning web pages without coding a single line or open up the Code Editor to directly tweak your code, even write it from scratch.

AfterShot Pro 2
This all-in-one RAW converter, photo editor, and high-speed photo manager makes it easy to edit one photo or a huge batch all at once, with handy editing functions like exposure, color, and lighting adjustment.

Hands Off!
This handy app (sorry) controls access of web apps to your network and disks, allowing you to make informed decisions about who or what can get into them. Safeguard your privacy by preventing unauthorized programs from reading, storing, and erasing any of your data.

FoldersSynchronizer 4
Sync and back up your Mac’s files, folders, and disks with a wide array of features, like the ability to schedule sessions, define what should be synced or backed up, and more. Sure beats the pain of accidentally losing your files.

Screens 3
This virtual network client (VNC) lets you control all of your computers right from your Mac, making it possible to be more productive no matter where you are. Run apps on any of your computers’ displays, send and receive content, and get work done while traveling light.

Avoid using tons of data or being tethered to a Wi-Fi connection to stream your favorite tunes. AllMyMusic records from any of more than 500 streaming sources, like YouTube and Pandora. It downloads right to your desktop for easy access, and is totally compliant with all copyright laws.

Copy-and-pasting can get messy quick, especially with clipboards that can only hold one item at a time. iClip let you to copy up to 99 things at a time, and paste them at your convenience. It saves every copied item, so you’ll never lose a forgotten snippet.

This app offers a new way to move and manipulate files. Drag any file or folder from any app on your computer to your chosen destination, then use any of a variety of intuitively accessible features to complete your task. It makes it a breeze to share, save, edit, resize, convert, zip, or anything else you need to do to a file.

Pomodoro Time Pro
This productivity app helps you follow the Pomodoro Technique, a systematic approach to efficiently achieving set goals. It’ll help you follow the 5 basic steps comprising this technique: defining tasks, setting your “pomodoro” timer, working until your timer rings, taking a short break, and taking a longer break after four pomodoro alarms. Before you know it, you’ll be getting more done than ever before.

Emulsion App
Transform your digital photo pile into a neatly organized library with Emulsion. It’s a powerful cataloger, and a versatile editor offering features like cloning, filtering, adjusting fine details, and lots more. It’s a breeze to bulk edit all those photos you’ve been meaning to touch up, making that photo folder a pleasure to open up.

skEdit 4
This powerful text editor offers a unique way to efficiently program and design stunning websites. Easily write and edit quality code using features like code hinting, syntax highlighting, and others, with support for tags in HTML, Ruby, and other common languages.

Marked 2
If you prefer to work in plain text, you’ll love Marked. It works with your favorite text editor while allowing you to instantly preview the appearance of your final document. Whether it’s tracking recent changes or detecting repetitive phrases, you’ll access a wide range of tools to sharpen your writing process in a whole new way.

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