Apple settles ‘unfair’ service agreement on Samsung’s home turf


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South Korea's fair trade watchdog persuaded Apple to change its conditions.
Photo: Olly Browning/Pixabay

Apple has revised a so-called “unfair” business agreement concerning the conditions South Korean repair service providers must work under in order to do business as part of the Apple Authorized Service Provider Program.

South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) had complained that Apple had the ability to terminate contracts with local businesses without any prior notification, and without taking responsibility for losses incurred by its withdrawal of the Authorized Service Provider label.

It also barred local firms from translating the agreement into Korean, making them accept terms according to the English contract.

Fortunately, Apple seemed happy to solve the dispute.

“Apple has fully cooperated with the FTC in revising the terms for the first time in the world as the company officials visited South Korea last month to have talks with us,” said South Korea’s fair trade watchdog. “We expect that the revision will help protect the interests of South Korean repair service firms and consumers and build fair business order in the country.”

Back in 2011, South Korea was the first country in the world to convince Apple to change its returns policy for the iPhone. As part of today’s announcement, Apple has designated six local firms as being able to provide authorized repairs on Apple’s behalf.

I wonder whether similar changes to the Authorized Service Provider terms and conditions will follow elsewhere in the world?

Source: Yonhapnews