New game imagines a world in which Steve Jobs was North Korean


Somewhere in a garage in... North Korea?
Photo: Homefront: The Revolution

From Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle to Mark Millar’s Superman comic Red Son, I’ve always been a massive fan of alternative history stories.

Now, upcoming first-person-shooter game Homefront: The Revolution asks a question as intriguing as any: What would have happened if a technological genius like Steve Jobs came out of North Korea instead of California?

The answer? A trillion-dollar company called APeX, apparently.

To fit Homefront: The Revolution‘s scenario of an occupied United States in the year 2029, the game’s developers created an alternate timeline detailing events from 1953 onward.

In this world, two North Korean kids dropped out of college in the 1970s and started APeX Computers out of a garage. From there, they scored a big hit with the APeX II personal computer, an iPhone-style aPhone and much more — en route to revenues reported to be in the trillions.

To really drive home their point, the Homefront devs even created several Apple-style mock ads to show off APeX over the years, plus a Twitter account with boxed photos of the latest aPhone.

In all, it’s a spectacular piece of world-building — and makes me kind of fascinated to play the finished game when Homefront: The Revolution ships later this year.

Homefront: The Revolution Apple-style mock ads

Via: Popular Mechanics