iPhone and iPad Apps Weekly Digest: Pinball wizards, Crazy Taxi meets the postal service, and more | Cult of Mac

iPhone and iPad Apps Weekly Digest: Pinball wizards, Crazy Taxi meets the postal service, and more


Two of Pinball HD's three excellent tables.
Two of Pinball HD's three excellent tables.

It’s time for our weekly digest of tiny iPhone reviews, courtesy of iPhoneTiny.com, with some extra commentary exclusive to Cult of Mac.

This time, we review AlphaBattle, Chop Chop Runner, Compression, ESPN Pinball on iPad, Mini Golf Wacky Worlds Free, Opera Mini, Parcel Panic, and Pinball HD.

Pinball HD: Superb iPad pinball. Three great-looking, feature-packed tables, each with three views. 5/5 $2.99 https://is.gd/bVlRZ

AlphaBattle: Relentless, tough word game that plays like Scrabble crossed with Unify/Tetris. 3/5 $0.99 https://is.gd/bTtlK

Chop Chop Runner: Relentless running game. Looks good, but you never feel entirely in control. Get Run! instead. 2/5 Free https://is.gd/bSxLH

Compression: Puyo Puyo as played in a trash compactor. Not bad, despite slightly iffy swipe controls. 3/5 $1.99 https://is.gd/bWYwQ

ESPN Pinball on iPad: Disappointing pinball game. Flashy graphics, but poor frame-rate scuppers enjoyment. 2/5 $3.99 https://is.gd/bR96n

Mini Golf Wacky Worlds Free: 3D mini-golf. Five nicely designed, surreal, imaginative courses, but awful camera. 3/5 Free https://is.gd/bR8Yo

Opera Mini: Feature-rich browser, but experience of navigating sites is mediocre & many sites poorly rendered. 2/5 Free https://is.gd/bqcUV

Parcel Panic (iPad): Arcade racer with Crazy Taxi dynamics. Small play area but good for quick blasts. 4/5 $0.99 https://is.gd/bVmhJ

Parcel Panic: Arcade time-attack racer. Works surprisingly well on small screen w/ fun tilt-controlled gameplay 4/5 $0.99 https://is.gd/bVmhJ

The iPhone’s become a surprisingly strong platform for pinball games, and the iPad could follow suit, with games enriched by improved graphics and performance. ESPN’s effort disappoints, but Gameprom’s compilation of its three iPhone tables is excellent stuff. The graphics are improved on the iPad, and each table offers three different views (overhead in portrait, 3D in landscape, and an optional dynamic camera in portrait). The tables are well-designed and each offers a very different experience. Parcel Panic’s also worth a mention—it’s a fun Crazy Taxi-style time-attack racer on an oddly deserted island (given how much mail needs moving about the place). It won’t last forever but on iPad or iPhone (the app works on both) you should get more than enough entertainment for your dollar.

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