Fliers to search? There's a $1.4 million TSA iPad app for that

Which fliers to search? There’s a $1.4 million app for that


iPad Pro
An iPad will be used to help determine your fate at the airport.
Photo: Leander Kahney / Cult of Mac

Whether it’s airlines dropping flight manuals for iPads or iBeacons being used at airports, the aviation industry isn’t shy about embracing Apple products.

But it seems the Transportation Security Administration has yet another use in mind: It spent $1.4 million on a TSA iPad app to determine which passengers to randomly search when they’re about to board a flight.

Discovered through a Freedom of Information Act request, the “TSA Randomizer” iPad app tells TSA officials which search lanes they should send fliers to, with some passengers receiving secondary screening on top of the basic safety checks. The app was developed by IBM, which beat out three other bids to win the Homeland Security contract.

It’s not clear exactly what the $1.4 million paid for: Was it was simply for development of the TSA iPad app, or were iPads for it to run on included in the purchase price as well? Hey, for that amount you’d at least hope to get an Apple Pencil thrown in!

Source: Kevin Burke

Via: BoingBoing