Siri will no longer be stumped by your baseball queries


Siri's new upgrade is a home run for MLB fans.
Photo: Andrei Niemimäki/Flickr CC

Just in time for Apple’s new multiyear deal with Major League Baseball, Siri can answer whatever baseball questions you have, thanks to newly implemented knowledge covering 29 baseball leagues. Apple’s AI helper also now boasts a deep understanding of hardball history, based on stats dating back to the start of baseball records.

Siri has been offering sports scores since iOS 6 in 2012, although as with all Siri functionality it can be hit-and-miss, particularly when you’re dealing with more complex queries. Nonetheless, it’s definitely a useful feature for MLB fans.

Siri baseball upgrade will be a hit with fans

Siri can now provide detailed answers to your baseball questions.
Siri can now provide detailed answers to your baseball questions.
Photo: Apple

This isn’t the first association between Apple and MLB. As noted, the two organizations recently signed a multiyear deal to provide 9.7-inch iPad Pros and customized analytics tools to MLB coaching staff.

“We’re not just replacing binders with tablets; we’re actually helping them do things that weren’t possible before,” said Apple SVP of marketing, Phil Schiller, at the time.

In 2013, MLB also embraced iBeacons, installing them at 20 U.S. ballparks to offer iOS-using spectators point-of-interest mapping and other relevant contextual information. The following year, a deal was struck that added Apple Pay to several MLB stadiums, just in time for the 2014 World Series.

Unfortunately, questions to Siri about Apple’s next collaboration with MLB yielded no useful response.

Source: The Verge