Fill your Apple TV shortlist with Tribeca films


Get your fill of high-quality film recommendations here.
Get your fill of high-quality film recommendations here.
Photo: Tribeca Shortlist

Looking to watch peerless films on your Apple TV? Look no further than Tribeca Shortlist, a service for film lovers that showcases a high-quality, curated list of films that are worth watching.

Already chosen as a Best New App for iPhone and iPad by Apple, Tribeca Shortlist is now available on the biggest screen in your home via Apple TV.

For $5 a month, you’ll not only get awesome, ad-free films but expert recommendations and analysis by some of the industry’s top actors, directors and producers, like talk-show host Colin Ferguson, actor/director Tyler Perry, and Vice show runner BJ Levin.

Each film has been chosen by these insiders from a list of Hollywood studio and independent films, giving you a similar experience as the annual Tribeca Film Festival that takes place in Lower Manhattan.

The service hopes to raise the bar for film watching in your home — a different proposition than the fast-food-like Netflix or Amazon. About a third of the critically acclaimed films featured in the service will rotate monthly, along with the commentary and video recommendations from the “shortlisters” themselves.

You can download the iOS app on the App Store and have it show up in your Purchased Items on your Apple TV, or search the Apple TV store for Tribeca Shortlist. Your 14-day free trial starts as soon as you sign up and you’ll be charged $4.99 for the service every month thereafter.

Source: Tribeca Shortlist