WWDC Sold Out in 8 Days



One wouldn’t ordinarily mention “scalpers” and “Apple developers” in the same sentence, but this time it seems appropriate. The World Wide Developers Conference has sold out the 5,000-seat San Francisco, Calif. venue in just eight days. This, despite a series of limitations Apple imposed on this year’s event.

First, the Cupertino, Calif. company hiked the ticket price from $1295 to $1599. Then the June 7-11 dates were announced a month later than usual. Apple also froze out the Mac, focusing on the iPhone OS 4 and awarding only designers of iPhone and iPad apps.

So why the rush to get a seat at this year’s conference? It could be the announcements expected to come from the WWDC floor. Apple is widely expected to unveil a new iPhone, along with other items, such as adding streaming iTunes.

At last year’s conference, the big news was the absence of CEO Steve Jobs and expectations for a glimpse at Mac OS X 10.5 “Snow Leopard.” The 2009 WWDC sold out a month after announced.

[via AppleInsider and 9to5Mac]