An iPad Car Mount For Peanuts (Plus An Apple iPad Case)


Earlier this week when we ran down a handful of options for mounting an iPad in a car, we missed this gem from blogger Jacky Yuen of Watch in the clip above as he demonstrates how he affixes his iPad to the dash of his car by running some thin cord through the vent ducts and hanging the iPad — sheathed in an Apple iPad case — on it like boxers on a clothesline (also notice the demo of Air Video, a great little video-streaming app we’ll review soon).

The viewing angle isn’t customizable, it requires cooperative ducts and the official Apple iPad case ($39), and it sure isn’t pretty. But it looks like it works; and unlike the other solutions, it’s cheap and it’s available right now. Or at least as soon as you’ve got the case and liberated that ball of string from your cat.