Fixing your broken Apple Watch just got cheaper


Crack! This one's got to go back to Apple.
Crack! This one's got to go back to Apple.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple is making it cheaper to repair broken Apple Watch Sport units that are no longer under warranty.

In an updated support document covering Apple Watch warranty services and pricing, the company revealed the out-of-warranty service fee on the Sport model has dropped $30.


The changes bring the total price from $229 down to $199 for a repair if you don’t have AppleCare+. Apple Watch still hasn’t been available for a full year, so most wearers don’t have to worry about their warranty expiring until late April and later.

Apple dropped the price on the Apple Watch Sport to $299 at its iPhone SE keynote on March 21st. New nylon Apple Watch bands were also introduced and are already available to purchase in stores.

Repair prices for the regular Apple Watch and Edition remain the same at $329 and $2,800 because Apple didn’t drop the sale price on units.

Via: MacRumors

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    I’m wondering if they are actually just fixing the unit or just doing a remfg replacement. If they are just fixing the broken part, then the screen replacement should be equal between the Sapphire crystal versions and the regular glass version should be cheaper. “cheaper” part, same labor.

    The battery replacement should be the same for all models, because it’s the same battery, same labor.

    Now, since it might be faster for them to just send out a remfg product, then I can see a huge difference in cost because a remfg unit is going to have a substantial amount that’s brand new. With iPhones and IPads, the remfg versions have at minimum, a new case, a new screen, a new battery and potentially other parts inside that are ‘brand new’, but since some aspects are used (but certified to work as new), they can charge less because of this, but if the Watches are remfg units, then obviously the case will jack up the prices accordingly, but you would be getting a lot of new parts instead of just a repaired unit.

    Obviously, Apple would love to have people just buy the AppleCare warranty have the costs are much lower if there are any problems.

    Having bought products with AppleCare, I have found it to be worth it, for some reason Murphy’s law surfaces when you least expect it and if you don’t have AppleCare, you might have more problems than if you did. It just seems to work that way and Apple has no control over Murphy’s law.

    • I feel like if I broke my Apple Watch at this point I would just by a new one. I’ve had mine since last March.