Small expectations? Apple’s not aiming high with iPhone SE sales


Scalpers will give you a discount on the iPhone SE.
Apple's not projecting massive sales for the iPhone SE.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone SE may have been one of the big announcements at Apple’s keynote event this week, but despite the fanfare it seems Apple isn’t banking on its 4-inch handset to come close to the sales its bigger brothers make.

According to a new report, citing component makers in the iPhone supply chain, Apple is playing it conservatively with orders for the new iPhone SE — with total shipments of the device likely to come in around 15 million units in the remainder 2016.

By comparison, current shipments of all iPhone devices together total around 50 million units per quarter. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, meanwhile, managed to sell a whopping 13 million units in their opening weekend alone.

So far, there’s been a mixed response to Apple’s new 4-inch handset. A recent report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners predicted that Apple will sell just 4 million to 6 million units of the new iPhone SE in the United States, with the majority of its sales coming from overseas.

Our own poll here at Cult of Mac suggests that, out of 3,374 respondents, 65 percent aren’t interested in the new iPhone.

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Source: Digitimes

  • Not surprised. For all the complaints about people wanting a small iPhone, I think the actual demand is very small. Many upgraded to a 6, realized the ever so slightly bigger screen was useful and never looked back. I understand not everybody wants a Plus, but I can’t image going back to a 4′ phone.

  • Tjosansa

    I think it will be a huge hit. My kids age 11 and 21, both want it. Bigger iPhone is to big acording to them.

  • Arnold Ziffel

    Until last fall, I used a 5s, after having various models of iPhone including the original, and then decided to give the 6s a try. It’s a fantastic phone – my only complaints being the location of sleep/wake button and the difficulty using it one-handed, even when using Reachability. The other day I borrowed my wife’s 5s and realized how much I miss the smaller form factor AND the “proper” location of the sleep/wake button. I don’t know what the iPhone 7 will bring this fall, but I’m seriously considering going to the SE.

  • wardmundy

    I agree with DJBabyBuster and Tjosansa. My daughter attends a school where every single kid has an iPhone. Parents would have hugged Apple for releasing a phone for under $500 that met their “Nothing But iPhone” requirement.