New Macs? One more thing? Catch our March 21 event predictions on The CultCast


Tim cook
The WWDC keynote is right around the corner!
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This week on The CultCast: Will we see new Macs? Perhaps the elusive “One more thing”? Don’t miss our March 21 Apple event predictions and expectations. Plus: How Instagram is about to be ruined; reports of an Apple Car price and ship date surface; why pirates are excited for the AyeCar; and some new iPhone 7 leaks echo familiar rumors.

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Intro – Maybe people won’t get along in the future, but our Macs will

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Everything Apple will announce at its March 21 keynote

  • Bob Forsberg

    You guys can make all the predictions you can dream-up, but Apple better start making Macs comparable to what the PC market was making two years ago. Apple’s thinness obsession with desktops has made current graphics and main processors too hot to cool in those thin but useless desktop cases. Just last week some top tech developers are refusing to write software for Apple to use, since the specs aren’t good enough.

    We miss you Steve.

  • Denger Zone

    Apple Watch2 please.