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Artist Microwaves Brand New iPad 3G



The iPad is smoldering hot, especially in a professional grade microwave where it goes in pristine, then bursts into flames and comes out a charred, broken brick.

Kenny Irwin, aka dOvetastic, who zaps everything from 1960s telephones to gas masks in an industrial microwave on YouTube, ordered an iPad 3G just to fry it in a performance art piece.

In this 10-minute video, watch and flinch as he gets an iPad 3G straight from FedEx, unboxes it, registers it, then sticks it in the oven with the voice of disturbed/disturbing fanatic.  It quickly goes up in flames, then the charred carcass is taken out with what looks like a pizza oven spatula.


“Super sizzled and extra crispy,” he exalts.

A perfectly good device sacrificed for, uh, entertainment?

You don’t have to be an Apple fan to understand why YouTube requires you to either register or log in, because the video has been flagged as “may contain content inappropriate for some users.”

Though Irwin says he has been microwaving things for entertainment since 1991 and considers it art, we still think someone needs to have their allowance taken away and sent up to their room without dessert.