Apple is opening a new store in one of China’s most desirable cities


The impressive location of Apple's new store.
Photo: RetailWeek

Apple’s Chinese retail store will continue this month with the opening of a brand new Apple Store in the port city of Dalian.

The store will be located at 66 Olympia Plaza in a giant complex, and opens at 10.00am local time on Saturday, March 19th.

Dalian represents a perfect location for Apple, being that it is known for its good food and luxurious shopping — while attracting visitors from Japan and Korea, as well as China.

Perhaps a Cult of Mac reader with a bit of local knowledge will be able to help me out here, but unlike what is being reported by some websites, I don’t think this is the same Dalian Apple Store Apple first announced back in 2012 as the company’s (then-upcoming) largest flagship store.

An Apple Store located at Dalian’s Parkland Mall was reported as opening last October, which makes this the second Apple Store to arrive in the city.

Given that Tim Cook has been outspoken about China becoming Apple’s biggest market in the near future — and the company even designing new products with the Chinese audience in mind — it makes sense why Apple would want to embrace a location which sounds such a perfect fit for the brand.

If you’re based in China, and have any more information or photos of the upcoming Olympia Plaza Apple Store, please get in touch.