iPad Car Mount Preview Roundup


In a post yesterday about CoPilot’s new iPad navigation app, I remarked that I’d like to see more iPad car mounts than the custom dash fabricated by Soundman Car Audio; turns out, while it doesn’t look as if anything is available yet, there are a few companies working on solutions which should be available soon. Here’s a quick look at what’s coming.

Ram Mount makes car mounts for a wide variety of gadgets, including the iPad; a few of you mentioned these guys yesterday in response to my remark, and the folks at Trapster tell me they’ve been using Ram Mounts to test Trapster’s iPad app — although I’m assuming they’re using a universal Ram Mount, because the dedicated iPad mounts are still two months away from shipping. Complete kits will range from $65 to $170.

Southern California-based Scosche is developing what looks like a very impressive — and more permanent — answer in the iKit; that’s it being demo’ed in the clip above. Basically an input and a USB port with a big ball-joint onto which a swiveling backing plate attaches to hold the iPad, the iKit seems like the most elegant solution so far. Scosche tells us they’re still testing the iKit, and yet to come up with pricing or a ship date.

ModulR makes an iPad mount that’ll keep the kids happy — it attaches to a headrest and faces rearward, kind of taking the place of those suddenly old school DVD screens. No mention of price or availability on ModulR’s website.

  • Toddn

    Arkon makes one for the back seat as well.

  • Robert From Auz

    Your steering wheel is on the wrong side

  • codygibbs

    The company I work for (full disclosure!) also makes a backseat headrest mount with a flexible arm mount. We have one for iPad and iPad 2. http://toucoul.com

  • tweetster

    Here is another Overhead iPad in Car

  • Michel Bergeron

    This one might work batter than Ram mount because It can work with most of folio style case on the market so you do not have to take iPad out from the case.http://http://www.yabu.ca/products/auto-ease...