Microsoft skewers Mac with new Surface Book ads


The Microsoft Surface Book  is a tablet and laptop in one.
The Microsoft Surface Book is a tablet and laptop in one.
Photo: Microsoft.

Microsoft is taking a page out of Apple’s marketing playbook for its newest ads promoting the Surface Book, and the company threw in a few digs at the Mac while they were at it.

Rather than just focusing on the product, Microsoft’s new ads add a human touch by focusing on how the device has changed some professionals’ workflow. First up is photography Tim Flach, who uses a Surface Book and Surface Pen to precisely edit his incredible animal photography. If owning a Surface Book gave me killer shots just like Flach, I’d ditch my Mac too.

“Being able to use a pen like this on the screen directly with the image gives me a different relationship to it,” says Flach. “And I just can’t do that on my Mac.”

Check it out:

Microsoft’s second ad features former Harvard professor Ryan Spoering, who utilizes the Surface’s flexibility to help solve some of organic chemistry’s biggest mysteries. Spoering’s 2 minute ad doesn’t include any Apple disses but it’s interesting to see how easily his Surface workflow switches seamlessly from work to play at home.

  • sc00termac

    one problems: windows

  • WINDOWS 10 SPY MACHINE is the Best Spy Machine.

  • Mark Hornigold

    “I’d love to have the interaction with a BSOD”

    …but I just can’t do that on my Mac.

  • SilverSee

    Macs don’t have touchscreens, nor do they support styli, so “I can’t do that on my Mac” is just a statement of fact here, not some kind of underhanded marketing tactic.

    Apple has been telling the world for years that Macs make you more creative and productive than other computers. Blogs such as this one uncritically celebrate that message every day. Why is it then that when the pendulum swings the other way, “Microsoft disses Apple” is presented as the main news?

    I found both of these spots very tasteful and compelling, not unduly boastful in any way. And I bet most viewers will too.

    The only being thing “skewered” here is the author’s perception.

    • lee scott

      Don’t support styli on the screen maybe, but I’ve never seen a great artistic type touching their screens – they use tablets and styli on a pad. Seriously, nice try, but people in general don’t want to touch their laptop screens. Sorry.

    • David Kaplan

      people don’t want to touch their computer screens… it’s annoying to decide which way to interface with it. If you want to draw get an iPad Pro this isn’t even an ad dissing Apple it’s just an ad that is comparing itself to the wrong product.

    • Corvus2

      Two words, iPad Pro…

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    Yes, Microsoft’s ad seems very compelling to a graphic artist that doesn’t use a high end workstation as their main system. But then again, it’s still Windows and many of us have been there and don’t use it because of the other aspects of Windows that suck. Advertisements are meant to paint a pretty picture for the potential customer, but once you pull back the curtain, then you find out if the pretty picture is a nice as they painted or if it’s just a polished turd.

    What’s funny is the majority of people that use computers aren’t graphic artists and don’t use pens/stylus. Just saying….

  • wky

    apparently i’ve switch all my computer to apple due to past experience windows will always come with some Bonus “Bugs”! still facing them in my company’s computer.

  • Ridiculous! Microsoft compares the Surface tablet to a laptop without touchscreen capabilities — when they obviously should be comparing the Surface to the iPad Pro which DOES have touchscreen capabilities, a keyboard and DOES let you to edit and retouch photos using Apple’s pen. Microsoft’s “comparison” is like saying spoons are better than rhinoceroses because I can’t stir my coffee with a rhinoceros. There’s no point in doing a comparison to unlike things, especially when the iPad Pro tablet is in the same category of items as the Surface.

    Oh yeah, and the Surface runs Windows, the continuing saga of a convoluted user-intimidating interface that Microsoft still hasn’t been able to make intuitive. They had over a decade to build an excellent interface, and then came out with Windows 8! It was a disaster, so to recover from it they skipped a whole version number and came out with Windows 10, I guess for some kind of marketing purpose.

    • ChrisC

      Well said, spot on!

    • OS2toMAC

      >> Microsoft’s “comparison” is like saying spoons are better than rhinoceroses because I can’t stir my coffee with a rhinoceros.

      You need a bigger cup, and I hope you don’t mind that the Rhinoceros stepped in it’s own dung before you put it in the cup.

  • Djan

    “I can’t do it on my Mac.” So he still use Mac. Hahahaha

  • David Kaplan

    Stupidest ads ever…. That’s what an iPad Pro is for…

  • JackThomasAZ

    Only one problem… Windoze

  • BeeBee

    I owned a 2010 MBA. Used for years and loved it. Zero problems. Not disputing that getting 5 years of use from a laptop is a testament to great design. But time for a 2016 upgrade. Gave Surface Book a shot now that they have fixed the initial firmware bugs. Rock solid, no BSOD. In my opinion, I have a device that gives me the best of the Ipad Pro and MBA/MPA with an OS that is now almost as stable as OSX.

    I think people need to be a bit less cultish about their corporate devotion. These is nothing inherently evil about Microsoft compared to Apple. It used to be that Apple was the less mainstream edgy choice but I would argue the opposite is true now days.

  • African-Techie

    I’ve had 2 people splotch their grubby paws on my Mac’s screen. Nearly slapped them twice and gave them the evilest of Evil Eyes! Don’t Touch My Computer Screen!!! I never want to touch my computer screen – I have a tablet for that. Yes, “I can’t do that on my Mac” – bite me!