We won’t get to watch Steve Jobs battle Bill Gates on Broadway


Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, rivals and friends.
This is presumably before they break into the big tap-dancing number.
Photo: AllThingsD

If you’ve long dreamed of seeing the epic tech rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates staged as a Broadway musical, written by two of the writers from Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken (and who hasn’t?), well, I’m afraid you’ll be waiting a bit longer.

That’s because the somewhat unflatteringly-titled Nerds has seen its Broadway opening — originally scheduled for April — cancelled after one of the sources of funding pulled out of the project.

“On behalf of my fellow producers and investors, it is with great disappointment that we will be postponing the Broadway opening of Nerds due to the loss of a major investor,” said Rock of Ages producer Carl Levin.

Nerds was already in rehearsal, and there are still hopes that a national touring production of the show will happen at sone point.

I’ve written before about the oddball collection of Steve Jobs-related musical theater productions which have been doing the rounds in recent years. In just the time I’ve been at Cult of Mac, I’ve already covered an opera entitled The Revolution of Steve Jobsanother opera combining Steve and Shakespeare, called Steve Five (King Different)an online Burning Man: The Musical, which includes a ghostly Steve Jobs appearing out of an iMac, and a new “original pop-rock musical” called The Crazy Ones, which makes it debut this month in New York.

In other words, if you’re interested in Apple history, but always thought it was decidedly short on jazz hand-waving show tunes, you’ve got no shortage of other options to go for.

With that said, there was something unique-sounding about Nerds, which promised onstage holograms, projection mapping, and an app allowing audiences to decide the ending they’d like to see.

Maybe choose one where your Microsoft co-founder doesn’t laugh at Apple for getting into the phone business, Bill!

Source: Variety